Online Etiquette

Accuracy Privacy Objectivity Vulnerability Truth The cornerstones of ethical journalism, that give the profession its purpose. Social media brings blurry circumstances and situations, how can you handle each unique and never-before-seen scenario? The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio Program Director Kelly Riordan has investigated such imminent questions at the prestigious Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism… Continue reading Online Etiquette

Team Journalism

“MORE AND MORE JOURNALISTS ARE OPERATING AS ANCHORS — WORKING WITH A WHOLE SET OF ACTORS WHO ARE DOING JOURNALISTIC INQUIRY ON THEIR BEHALF.” – Head of Multimedia Special Projects and Washington correspondent at the Guardian, Paul Lewis. In his TED Conference on citizen journalism, Lewis proclaimed that social media is a tool for traditional news-gathering, not its replacement. “There are… Continue reading Team Journalism

Social media meets Fashion PR

  Social media is transforming public relations, and both practitioners and academics are grappling with its impact on traditional public relations concepts and practices (Fitch, 2012). Studies reveal Australian practitioners increasingly experiment with social media in professional contexts (Robson & James, 2012) although they adopt it erratically (Macnamara, 2011) and tend to use social media… Continue reading Social media meets Fashion PR